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Meat and Potatoes is here to provide simple t shirt designs. We've started off with something for our many friends in Portobello, Edinburgh, but plan to roll out shirts for different areas of the city. If you'd like to suggest a shirt design please use the form below. Please also like/follow us on our socials for the latest news and updates. Thank you!

Why “Meat and Potatoes”? We are John and Neil, and over the years have played bass guitar and drums in various bands. We always thought of the rhythm section as the “meat and potatoes” of the band. You know, the rest is just “garnish”, right? So we always knew if we worked on a project what it would be called…


Meat and Potatoes Porty Proud Sport Grey shirt
Meat and Potatoes Pans Proud Royal Blue shirt
Meat and Potatoes Love Leith Green shirt
Meat and Potatoes Glorious Gorgie Maroon shirt

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